Pool cleaning phuket

Do you need a pool cleaning in Phuket ? For all your maintenance problems of private and collective swimming pools, do not hesitate to contact our cleaning company in Phuket. You will be able to subscribe with us through a seasonal or annual contract. In addition to benefiting from the quality of the maintenance of your pools, you will also have the opportunity to benefit from rates adapted to your needs and technical requirements. You will see, you will not be disappointed, because you will benefit from a quality service. Thanks to our team of qualified technicians, you will have the right to clean your entire pool. Basically, your pool, filter cleaning, pump pre-filter and skimmer baskets will be cleaned from top to bottom. Moreover, our team will also make sure to adjust your automatic water treatment devices, and to analyze and adjust the chemical parameters of your water. We will also take care of the verification of the equipment.

pool cleaning phuket

Opening your pool in Phuket

For the opening and closing of your swimming pools in Phuket, you will be entitled to a package. You will be able :


  • To benefit from a assumption of responsibility of by our service of all the equipment of the swimming pool with a control of those.
  • Have a discount during the summer on your pool. We will propose you for that a quality service which will take into account the parameter setting of your system of filtration and system of treatment of the water
  • A careful photometric analysis will also be done by our team to ensure that your pool water is of good quality. If this is not the case, our team will apply the necessary corrective measures and will provide you with a list of products that you can use in order to ensure an excellent swimming season
pool maintenance phuket

Swimming pool specialist service in Phuket

Once the summer is over, we will take care of putting all the equipment on standby that will not be needed during the winter period. This will allow your pool to function properly and to start up again. In addition, we will also set up the filtration system and install a cover to protect the pool during the winter.

We know how difficult it is for pool owners to manage the maintenance and settings of their pools themselves. To remedy this and to save you a maximum of time, we put at your disposal our team of qualified experts. This one will be in charge of telling you which article to buy for the maintenance of your swimming pool, to maintain your swimming pool, to buy the adequate material for the installation of your swimming pool to explain you how to use them, and which systems to choose. We will answer all the questions you may have.

technician pool cleaning phuket

How can you keep your pool from becoming a chore?

If you don’t have enough time to manage your pool yourself, call in the professionals right away. Whether you have an above ground pool or an in-ground pool, its maintenance can be very costly, whether it is for cleaning products or for its water filling. You will also spend hours looking for a way to put an end to the problems of green water and green algae that make swimming unpleasant.

When to restart your pool in Phuket ?

We will take care of the filling of your pool, but also of its restarting.
If you don’t know it, the start-up of a pool is more important than its maintenance or wintering. Indeed, this step is crucial, and it must be accomplished with great care.
For the re-commissioning of your pool in Phuket, do not hesitate to contact us and you will not be disappointed.

swimming pool specialist phuket

How to properly maintain a pool in Phuket ?

Taking care of a pool and having clean water is an exercise that requires a lot of effort and attention. Indeed, several actions are to be taken into account in order to have a limpid and perfect water. It is a question here of putting chlorine or bromine to have an impeccable result, guaranteeing you a health of the eyes and the skin. Thanks to the combination of chlorine and an excellent PH, neither high nor low, the water of your pool will be perfectly disinfected. This is the right solution to maintain the PH of your water for a comfortable bathing.

What is the importance of filtration ?

The filtration of our pools is very important because it gives a good water quality. Indeed, your pool needs a filter, a pump, a valve adjustment, skimmers and especially pool maintenance products for its good behaviour and its survival, and this regardless of whether you have a salt electrolysis treatment system or not. This will also save you huge expenses.

A affordable cleaning pool service in phuket

A maintenance of your pool done by yourself can be very expensive. It is a very difficult task to do the maintenance of your pool yourself. With a professional, the maintenance of your pool in Phuket will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour of time each week.
You can save money, if you ask a professional to do the maintenance of your pool for you. You can also save money on products and use the rest of the time to do other things.

Why is your pool water cloudy ?

Usually one of these 5 causes will jeopardize your swimming:

  • A filtration problem
  • A bad chemistry rate (chlorine, pH, stabilizer)
  • A lack of maintenance of the pool
  • An abusive use of the pool
  • A limestone precipitate

Why does the water turn green in a pool ?

No matter how much chlorine is used, there is always the presence of algae. They persist and come back constantly. This is generally due to the fact that the filtration system composed of the sand filter or the filtering socks can hardly get rid of your green pool. And even after multiple treatments, the water remains green because it is invaded by algae. Basically, the bottom of your pool is not visible because it is covered by aquatic life. Feel contact our company today to book a pool cleaning in Phuket for your villa.

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