Sofa cleaning Phuket

The company CLEANING PHUKET offers a cleaning service of sofa at home in Phuket, sofa, armchairs, chairs, benches or upholstery, carpeting. The team of clenaners of CLEANING PHUKET intervenes in your home or in your commercial premises for a cleaning by injection / extraction of your furniture covered with textile or leather sofa. Our cleaning disinfects, kills bacteria, germs at 99.9% and is anti-allergenic. We can remove most stains such as coffee, vomit stains, pee stains or blood stains. Our cleaning method is also effective in completely removing bad odors from your upholstery such as urine, sweat or tobacco odors. With our professional disinfectant cleaning products, dust mites and bacteria are eliminated at 99,9%. 

sofa cleaning phuket

By accident, you make a big stain on your new beautiful fabric sofa? The first thing to do is to remove the excess of liquid with a soft absorbent cloth, avoiding rubbing the fabric to avoid damaging it. Then quickly contact a professional company like CLEANING PHUKET for a sofa cleaning by injection / extraction. A coffee spill, a blood stain or your cat peed on your sofa? The CLEANING PHUKET company comes to your home to perform a professional cleaning. Do not wait, contact us quickly after the incident. The faster the task is treated, the better the result.

Sofa cleaner Phuket

Why call in a professional sofa cleaning company in Phuket ?

Are you upset because you have a stain on your sofa? Don’t follow the tips and tricks found on the internet! Baking soda, big box stain removers will not work. In 90% of the cases you will get a big halo that appears on your sofa much bigger than the basic stain. Don’t make this mistake, contact a professional who will know what product to use for your sofa and will be equipped with the proper equipment to remove this nasty stain.
professionnal sofa cleaner

Our service to clean your fabric

We offer to individuals and professionals cleaning services for sofas and armchairs and all types of furniture covered with fabric. If you wish to increase considerably the life span of your sofa, armchairs and chairs, a regular professional cleaning is required. We are able to remove most types of upholstery. Our sofa cleaning company in Phuket also offers mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and car seat cleaning.

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FAQ about cleaning sofa

Why should I have my sofa professionally cleaned?

Professional sofa cleaning will eliminate odors, remove bacteria, remove recalcitrant stains and increase the life of your sofa.

Is a professional sofa cleaning expensive ?

A professional sofa cleaning costs nothing compared to the cost of a new sofa. If you have spilled a coffee, or a glass of wine on your sofa, contact our sofa cleaning company in Phuket quickly to get a quote.

How long does it take to completely clean my sofa ?

The time required to complete the cleaning of your sofa will depend on the method chosen by our technician and the state of dirtiness of your upholstered furniture. Generally, you should expect a 1-2 hour intervention.

For my commercial office, will cleaning the sofa and armchairs disrupt my business ?

CLEANINGPHUKET’s professional cleaners will schedule an appointment with you outside of your office hours, on weekday evenings or weekends. Our couch cleaning company will arrange to not disrupt your business.

Can commercial household cleaners stain my sofa ?

We recommend that you do not use household cleaners, in most cases this will make the situation worse, contact CLEANINGPHUKET your professional sofa cleaner.

How often should my sofa be cleaned ?

Furniture manufacturers recommend that upholstered furniture be professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months.

How long does it take to dry after cleaning my sofa ?

Depending on the cleaning method chosen by our technician, the drying time varies from 1 to 10 hours.

Will the products you use to clean the sofa leave a smell ?

You may notice an odor for a short time after our professional sofa cleaner has been on the job. This smell will not be unpleasant, on the contrary. Depending on the type of upholstery fabric, the smell will persist for varying lengths of time. By airing your room you will considerably reduce the persistence of the smell left by our professional cleaning products.

What should I do before the technician arrives ?

There is absolutely nothing you need to prepare before our sofa cleaning team arrives. You may want to try to make some room around the couch to allow the technician to be comfortable in performing your cleaning.

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Our company offers a cleaning condo service in Phuket, it starts from 550 Baths for 2 hours for a studio or a single room up to 40 square meters.

house cleaning phuket


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cleaning airbnb phuket


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