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CLEANINGPHUKET offers a 100% natural home mattress cleaning service in Phuket. Tell us the size of your mattress, your area in Phuket, and get your free quotation today ! Our professional technicians specializing in mattress cleaning in Phuket move quickly to clean, stain and disinfect your mattresses and make your nights clean and pleasant! Our cleaning company in Phuket intervene everywhere in Phuket.
With an average of 7 to 8 hours per night, your mattress is the place where we spend the most time in our lives, and yet it is often the place that we clean the least. Eliminate stains, odors, bacteria from your bedding with our mattress cleaning service in Phuket.

mattress cleaning phuket
Do u want to give a new lease on life to your stained or soiled mattresses ? You would like to feel confortable to sleep in your new house or condominium. Our company offers a cleaning by injection/extraction or a steam cleaning. We use only anti-bacterial and anti-mite products. A mattress cleaning is particularly recommended for rental apartments. To get your mattress cleaning estimate in Phuket, please contact our cleaning company in Phuket by whatsapp Line or by email, specifying the dimensions of the mattress and we will send you a personalized quote.
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A yellowed mattress with dry piss? How can you clean your mattress ?

You would like to clean a mattress yellowed by perspiration or traces of pee? To clean your mattress thoroughly it is necessary to use professional equipment such as an injector / extractor, professional products and experience.
CLEANINGPHUKET cleans your yellowed mattress at home to remove in most cases completely the traces of pee. By using our mattress cleaning company in Phuket you can be sure that your bedding will be completely disinfected! 99% of dust mites and bacteria from your mattress will be eliminated!
cleaning service mattress phuket

Why to use our mattress cleaning service in Phuket ?

Do you move into a furnished apartment or house and the bedding is not very clean? Putting your sheets on a stained and smelly mattress is not very pleasant. The idea of knowing that many people have slept on this mattress bothers you, we understand… While we sleep, each of us perspires on our mattress and this causes a proliferation of bacteria and mites that feed on dead skin. Many people are allergic to dust mites. For these multiple reasons, our company takes away these anxieties! Our mattress cleaning service in Phuket will allow you to be comfortable and at ease in your new home.
mattress cleaning service phuket

FAQ about mattress cleaning and maintenance

How long can I keep a mattress ?

We spend an average of 7 to 8 hours a night on our mattress, without necessarily realizing it we make an intensive use of our bedding. On average, a quality mattress has a life span of 10 years. However, if you experience frequent back pain when you wake up, you should ask yourself about the condition of your bedding.

What are the signs that I need to change my mattress ?

As mentioned above, there are certain signs such as lower back pain, poor sleep quality or frequent back pain upon waking up that can draw your attention to the deterioration of your mattress.
Some points to check:
Look at your mattress from all angles, do you notice any lumps? Has the surface of the mattress sagged? So many points that should alert you… A deformation of your mattress is harmful for your spine.
Are the seams or the fabric of your mattress damaged? If so, there is a good chance that the inside of your mattress is also damaged.

Press down on the mattress with both hands, it should not sink in. If you notice a significant amount of sagging in your bedding, it’s time to change it. If your mattress is cupping when you lie down, it is no longer providing the support you need for a good night’s sleep. Change it!

How can i properly clean a mattress ?

Clean your mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner. For stains, use a professional mattress cleaning service like ours. A professional mattress cleaning service is also recommended every 2 years to disinfect your mattress and eliminate dust mites. A professional cleaning will allow you to keep the anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial properties of your bedding, and will ensure hygiene while you sleep. Do not wash your mattress yourself, water degrades the foam and latex and the life of the mattress will be reduced. You just bought a new mattress? Protect it with a sheet or a washable mattress protector.

Reversible or single-sided mattress ?

A reversible mattress allows you to sleep on both sides of the mattress while a single-sided mattress does not. The reversible mattress offers a longer duration if you turn it regularly. This action will slow down the deformation and wear. Do not hesitate to turn your mattress horizontally and vertically so that the weight exerted on your mattress is more homogeneous.

mattress cleaning company phuket

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