Air conditioner cleaning phuket

Do you need an air conditioner cleaning in Phuket today ? Faced with our increasingly hot summers and repeated heat waves, going without air conditioning has become inconceivable and particularly in Phuket! It is therefore important to invest in an efficient air conditioning system and, above all, to call upon a good team of specialists for its installation.
But how to choose among the many companies that offer air conditioning installation services in your area? If you are in Phuket, trust our company: CLEANINGPHUKET.

air conditioner cleaning phuket

CLEANING PHUKET is a company specialized in the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning systems in Phuket. By calling on our services, you will benefit from the know-how of a team of highly qualified and dynamic professionals! Contact us today to plan your aircon cleaning quickly !

air conditioning cleaning phuket
air conditioner cleaning service phuket

Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance Phuket

We maintain your air conditioning system in Phuket
The maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential to preserve its performance, reduce breakdowns and increase its longevity.
Indeed, the air-conditioning devices remain in operation during long days, especially in summer (and even in winter as regards the reversible air-conditioning systems). They therefore require special attention and regular maintenance!
In addition to installing your air conditioning system and intervening in case of failure, CLEANING PHUKET offers a maintenance contract to ensure the maintenance of your installation.
Thanks to our air conditioning maintenance services in Phuket, you will benefit from

  • Prevention of breakdowns, inconveniences and high repair costs,
  • A better quality of air, without dust, mold or bacteria,
  • Optimal performance of your unit over time,
  • Less energy consumption, and therefore a reduction in your electricity bill

Contact our company for a air conditioner cleaning in Phuket


aircon repair phuket

Aircon repair Phuket

The air conditioning systems, despite the technological advances, are not infallible. They can sometimes present malfunctions such as
Water leaks: it is common to have water leaking from the air conditioner along the wall. This is usually due to a fault in the conditioner (blocked drain pipes, damaged drain coil, full condensate pan).

Abnormal noises: this can be caused by an overheated motor or a clogged filter.
Frost formation: the most common cause of this anomaly is a clogged filter. It can also be secondary to an insufficient level of refrigerant (you should therefore look for a possible leak).

Refusal to start: several causes can explain this problem: power supply failure (check the circuit breaker and the fuses), remote control malfunction (dead batteries or defective remote control)…

The unit does not cool anymore (or does not heat anymore, in case of reversible air conditioning): the most frequent cause is the obstruction of the air inlet and/or outlet of the system. It will then be enough to unblock them. In other cases, it is the compressor that does not work anymore or it is a simple programming error.
Whatever the nature of your air conditioning breakdown, our team of experienced professionals will intervene to diagnose it precisely and repair it.
You can count on CLEANINGPHUKET for your air conditioning repair in Phuket. You will then benefit from :

  • A qualified, experienced and dynamic team,
  • An intervention at any time (24 h/24 and 6 d/7),
  • A fast intervention,
  • Transparent rates according to the complexity of the intervention,
  • No travel expenses,
  • A later follow-up of your air conditioning system.
aircon cleaning service phuket

Air conditioner installation service phuket

Installing a new air conditioning system requires multiple skills, including plumbing and electrical. But that’s not all, a good installer must also have the know-how of a refrigeration specialist which is essential for the management and handling of refrigerants used in air conditioning technologies.
At CLEANING PHUKET, we have a team of qualified professionals in all three areas. You can therefore count on us to take care of your air conditioning system installation from A to Z!
When we are asked to install an air conditioning system, our specialists always start by thoroughly inspecting the place that will receive it in order to determine :


  • The type of air conditioner: depending on the conformation of the place where you want to place an air conditioning system, we will be able to propose you a monosplit or multisplit air conditioning. The monosplit air conditioner is relatively simple to install, we will only have to install the two units (indoor and outdoor) before connecting them with a pipe. As for the multisplit, it is composed of several indoor units, each of which must be connected to a single outdoor unit. This makes the task more tedious, but nothing difficult for our experienced team!
    Other types of air conditioners exist and can be proposed to you, in particular the monobloc for the small spaces (only one interior unit, no external unit), the reversible (two possible modes: cold and heat), the mobile (practical to put it in the room which you wish to air-condition), the wall-mounted, the air-conditioner cassette (with the ceiling)…


  • The location of the interior elements: our professionals take the time to analyze several parameters before opting for the ideal location of the interior elements (your preference, a solid wall, far from a heating system, possibility of adequate connection to the outdoor unit…).


  • The location of the outdoor elements: in order to preserve the integrity of your outdoor unit, we will take care to place it away from the sun and away from trees (leaves can penetrate the unit and cause a breakdown). Also, we will make sure to place it strategically to spare you the noise it produces.


  • The necessary administrative steps: before installing a split air conditioning system, you must first obtain permission from the town hall to install the outdoor unit. In the case of a condominium, in addition to the agreement of the city hall, you must have the agreement of the co-owners.
    If you are a tenant, you must have the agreement of your landlord. Your landlord must also request authorization from the city hall. Our specialists will be able to advise you on the air conditioning system best suited to the characteristics of your home (or commercial premises, workshop, office, etc.) and to your budget. They will then take care of its installation in the most professional way, no detail will be left to chance!
    Do not hesitate to call CLEANINGPHUKET for the installation of your air conditioning. You will benefit from a better comfort in your home, as well as a safe and reliable system. We offer you a free estimate!

    Best team of aircon technicians in phuket to advise you

    Our team of experts insists on the importance of regular maintenance of your air conditioning system, at least once a year.

    Indeed, inside the pipes and in the water recovery tank, dust, bacteria and moulds are gradually deposited and must be removed. Without this action, the quality of the air you breathe will be altered and this can cause health problems.

    Remember to regularly dust your entire air conditioning system (both inside and out), paying special attention to the ventilation system and its grills. Be sure to do this only on a turned-off unit.

    As for the filters, one of the most effective ways to clean them is with soapy water! This ensures optimal cleanliness for better air quality in your home.
    It is important to know that a well-cleaned installation contributes to the reduction of electricity consumption. The maintenance of your air conditioning will therefore allow you to make savings! Contact our company for a air conditioner cleaning in Phuket !

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