How to wash your clothes in Phuket?

As a tourist, or even a resident of Phuket, you quickly realize that you need a lot of clean clothes.

Thailand is a very hot country. Wearing a shirt or pants for a few days like in the West is generally not a good idea in Phuket.

This means that if you need to change your clothes frequently, you will have to do the laundry by yourself or leave it to a professional.

What to do and where to go in Phuket?
Doing laundry as a tourist in Phuket

If you are a visitor to Phuket and are only traveling temporarily to the city, there are several options for doing laundry or hiring a professional.

How to wash your clothes in Phuket?

Where to go to make your laundry in Phuket?


Doing laundry as a tourist in Phuket

If you are a visitor to Phuket and are only traveling temporarily in the city, there are several options for doing laundry or hiring a professional.

Use the hotel or guesthouse laundry services

Most hotels and guesthouses in Phuket offer daily laundry services. If you want to make sure you get your laundry done quickly, take it to your hotel or guesthouse laundry in the morning. In most cases, it should be returned to you clean and dry by the end of the day.

However, while convenient, hotel laundry services often cost more than double the price of local laundry services.

These fees can add up if you are traveling for a while.

Use a local laundry service – LAUNDRY SHOPS

Small laundromats abound in Phuket, especially in areas frequented by tourists. Most of these stores charge by weight, usually around 30 or 40 baht per kilo. The price usually includes washing and ironing, but sometimes a small portion may be added for ironing the clothes.

Some stores may be too generous with the softeners (perfumes), the tendency is to iron all clothes in a very hot environment. But overall, these small laundromats offer excellent service.

Drop your clothes off in the morning and you can often pick them up freshly washed and ironed the same day or the next morning.Your clothes will also be carefully wrapped in a plastic bag that you can take with you. I wouldn’t trust them with clothes that are too fragile or items that are expensive or require a special wash cycle. But for the majority of t-shirts, blouses, shirts and pants, these little laundries are perfect.

If you don’t speak Thai, don’t worry too much as a few gestures and smiles should be enough. In the tourist areas, the person running the store usually speaks enough English to let you know when your clothes are ready to be picked up. That said, it’s always good to try to learn at least a few words of Thai, even if it’s just to say hello and thank you.

Use a pick up laundry service in Phuket

In fact, instead of carrying your clothes into town to find automatic washing machines or local services, you can now book a service to collect your dirty laundry directly from your hotel or home.

Our cleaning Phuket company is one such laundry service.

Once you arrange a laundry pickup on their website, they will send a driver to your hotel or home to pick up your laundry and return it to you fresh, clean and neatly folded in as little as 6 hours, with 24 hour and 48 hour pricing options. also offers an ironing service and a shoe cleaning service, unlike some small local stores, they handle every item that is sent to them, including your underwear and socks. Their prices are also very affordable.

Doing your own laundry

There are laundromats or washing machines where you can do your own laundry in some nursing homes and hotels:

The fee is usually 30 baht per person. Brewing ($1) is the cheapest method. However, many places do not have dryers, so you have to hang your clothes to dry.

Even if they have a dryer, they probably don’t have an iron.

So it may be worth it if you plan to travel for a while. Buy a small iron at Tesco, Big C or other local supermarkets for 500 baht ($15).

Looking clean and tidy is important in Thailand.

If your hotel doesn’t have a laundry room and you still want to do your own laundry, your other option is to hand wash your clothes, which many Thais and Westerners who live here do.

Hang them on your hotel balcony, making sure they are properly secured, and they will dry in a few hours in the incredible Thai heat.

Dry cleaning service in Phuket

For the past few years, dry cleaners have been everywhere in Phuket. In every shopping mall these days, you will find at least one, usually several dry cleaners to wash your clothes. Many dry cleaners in Thailand take at least 2-5 days, so unless you find a dry cleaner with a courier service, be sure to plan ahead.

Expect to pay at least 130 baht ($4) per item. If you don’t want your clothes ruined by an overzealous washer, dry cleaning is sometimes your best bet.

Many hotels in Phuket also offer dry cleaning services, but of course these costs are at least double the price of your local dry cleaners. In smaller towns outside of Phuket, you will find fewer dry cleaners. If they are not available near you, please ask at the front desk of your hotel or host home as they should know where to find them.

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