How to maintain your villa in Phuket ?

10 tips to maintain your villa in Phuket

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How to maintain your villa in Phuket ?

Maintaining your villa in Phuket? so easy!

When you’re a woman, you’re used to cleaning almost since childhood. Otherwise, why do toy catalogs offer pink mini vacuum cleaners every Christmas, huh?

But it’s not because society is secretly trying to make us accept that cleaning is reserved to a fairer gender (and men, the strong ones, spend their time tinkering or cutting wood).

Normal: Cleaning is really far from exciting. But hey, because living in a clean and tidy house is more enjoyable, cleaning is part of our daily lives (and our spouses, hooray for equality!).

So, to make the chores easier and easier we give you 8 tips to take care of your villa!

Don’t clutter things up in the villa

This is the golden rule that all the cleaning haters in the world (about 74% of the population) should remember: To avoid spending 1 day cleaning our house on the weekend, the best thing is still to prevent the fairs from bringing home.

So every day, when you see a sock or a piece of clothing in the bedroom and a magazine or something in the living room, do not say to yourself “OK, I’ll do it later, it’s nothing”, we pack up immediately. That way our house will never look like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie!

Never leave your shoes inside

It may not look like it, but when we walk down the street during the day, our soles store a lot of dirt, dust and bacteria.

Not to mention the fact that it’s raining outside, you’ll have it all sorted out in 2 minutes when you walk on tiles or carpet. So at home, we wear slippers. Plus, it’s much more comfortable…

Micro-clean the living room before going to bed

The living room is the room in the house where everyone, young and old, spends the most time. So it’s also our dirtiest room!

To avoid that our beautiful living room looks like a battlefield all week long, we have to give ourselves a simple rule: every night, before going to bed, we spend 5 minutes

Put disposable items in the closet, organize the sofa cushions, put the remote control next to the TV (this will prevent you from losing them!), get the phone chargers and put them in a “charger case”, put the DVD back in the box, and the box is in the TV cabinet.

If we do this little gymnastics every night, our living room will always be clean and comfortable!

Instill good habits in the whole family or in the occupants of the villa

If cleaning is often an insurmountable chore, it’s because most of the time, it’s 100% a bit of joy that remains. Even though it is well known: the more the better. So instead of setting aside time on Saturday to clean the whole house by ourselves, we’ll post a little schedule on the fridge, and assign each of us a small task to accomplish each day of the week (depending of course on the age and abilities of the family members!).

This way, we don’t feel like a maid of everything in the house, and it’s easier to keep our home clean and tidy if everyone keeps a little bit of their stuff in there every day.

Stop playing storage

Yes: in the house we tend to buy, keep and store objects, trinkets and furniture that do not really serve us, without even realizing it, we turn our interiors into dust… we reduce our living space considerably!

In order to prevent our home from becoming too difficult to maintain, we will try to clean all unnecessary things regularly. This way, not only do we free up space, but we feel more comfortable in our home and cleaning is less of a hassle!

Respect the functionality of each room in your villa

The bedroom is for sleeping, the living room is for relaxing, the kitchen is for cooking, the dining room is for eating and the bathroom is for washing. If you think about this obvious fact, don’t want to be mentally rigid, getting dressed in the living room, letting the kids play in the kitchen, Chéri eating in the bedroom, and finding yourself with a whole bunch of stuff in a room where they don’t really belong.

Tidying up is no longer the most fun activity in the world.

Hire a housekeeper to maintain your home in Phuket

So, one of the solutions to these problems above is to hire a housekeeper in Phuket. Before the Internet, we do it via the classified ads in the neighborhood or word of mouth. Now we have to find reliable, honest professionals, proactive people, tools that allow us to access verified profiles. If the way to do it is different, the objective is the same. In a few clicks, we look for advice, opinions, and we use our experience and the network to refine our choices.



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