How to increase your short term rental bookings in Phuket?

 Want to increase your short-term rental bookings? Then follow our comprehensive review and start optimizing your rental business and generating more revenue today!

The goal is to increase your short-term rental bookings

Often, short-term rental owners are faced with the fast pace of their rental business. This is because the business is often a secondary activity, and they have a full-time job. So optimizing your events and taking the time to find tips and tricks to simplify your life and especially increase your booking rate is not always easy.

How to increase your short term rental bookings in Phuket?

Marketing to increase your booking rate

First, it is important to know where they are and the path they will follow when they want to book an accommodation. The customer will enter search criteria to find the right accommodation.

He will then have a list of ads that match what he is looking for. Then, he will look at ads whose details will interest him more than others. Eventually, he will move on to the booking or information request stage.

So if you want to increase your booking rate, the first step is to market your real estate ad well. Because yes, in fact, when we talk about short-term rentals or vacation rentals, we are talking about real business. Just like a real business, you need to master how your listings are marketed. That said, to be accurate with the photos you want (professional quality photos), your property description must be the seller’s, you can’t just put in three lines and hope that’s enough for the customer.

So for that you have to say, for example: “Superb apartment, well exposed, quiet, close to amenities or transport”. You see, you should not be afraid to put forward the quality of your property. This will allow your future customers to project themselves and trigger a desire to buy. This will increase your reservation rate.


Respond to the client

The second step is crucial. However, I am consistently surprised to see people rudely ignoring it on booking platforms. This is in response to a request.

Sometimes you have customers who book directly with you. In that case, it’s fine because you don’t have to do anything and the booking is earned. On the other hand, sometimes customers do not book directly. They will ask you for your information before booking.

Typically, this request for information will ensure that your accommodation is available on the dates your future customers are interested in. It may be a request for additional information such as:

“Can you confirm that linens and towels are provided?”
“Is there a Wi-Fi connection? “
“Is there transportation nearby?”

In fact, it’s all about reassuring your future clients. It is therefore imperative to react, especially quickly! The faster you respond, the more likely potential customers are to book with you. However, you will see more interesting jobs appear in the search results of the booking platform.

I am systematically surprised to see that on short term rental ads, the owner responds after a few days or not at all. can you imagine? Put yourself in the shoes of someone who asks for information and receives an answer three days later. This is totally ridiculous! You have to understand that in today’s fast-paced world, the speed at which you are able to provide answers to potential customers will decisively increase your booking rate.



Provide a personalized response

The last tip I can give you is to provide your customers with personalized responses that will set you apart from everyone else who responds.

What does this mean? For me, this will work on three points.

The first point is to personalize your response emails. Forget about the predetermined platform responses. Create a personalized email to show your prospects that there is a response behind the scenes. Show them that you care about their issue and provide a personalized response.

The second point is that your response should be detailed. Perhaps a little more than the prospect has asked for. Do not hesitate to provide information. The goal is to reassure and lock in so that your prospect, perhaps through this unique engagement he will have with you, feels reassured and confident. They must want to book.

In the end, for me, a little extra can make all the difference, especially when you have clients who have been asking to book for quite a long time, so the rent is quite high, it’s going to be an appeal to your potential clients. It will set you apart from 97% of the hosts who offer accommodation. It’s not complicated, put yourself in the shoes of your future customers. Your prospect will see 20 different ads and they can send as many informative emails as possible.

Put yourself in their shoes now. Between those who don’t respond, those who respond via predefined emails, those who personalize emails, and those who call prospects?

Imagine the changes you would make if you called your prospect!

By calling your prospects, you will create a human connection (via voice) that will instantly set you apart and be more warm and friendly than email. Trust me, I’ve been using this technique when I have booking requests for a long time, so the numbers are pretty interesting.

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