Guided tour of Bangla Road in Phuket

 Considered the cornerstone of Phuket’s nightlife, Bangla Road is one of the city’s most vibrant destinations. While the road is usually quiet during the day, it comes alive once the sun goes down. It’s a paradise for partygoers and nightlife lovers who are drawn to the vibrant colored lights, lively music and more.

Bangla Road is a 400 meter long road closed to traffic and allowed only for pedestrians. It is very close to Patong Beach and is known for its happy and fun atmosphere. There are many restaurants and bars along the way, most of which are open air.

This road is known for its lavish nightlife and is also home to many street performers, street vendors, ping pong shows and more. Tourists are happy to walk down the street and watch the revelers and other things going on around them.

With lots of loud music and cheap drinks, tourists often find themselves the center of attention in restaurants, bars and even street performers.

However, tourists should be careful because they can easily get ripped off if they don’t haggle with the vendors. This rule applies even when buying the cheapest item sold on the street. The street is open until 3am-4am and promises visitors an evening of fun and excitement.

Guided tour of Bangla Road in Phuket

Advantages or highlights


Rightly known as the party center of Phuket, Bangla Road has a lot to offer to those who come here for a stroll. It is the best place to get cheap alcohol at the various famous discos and bars located on the street. Most of these places also offer live music and other goodies to party.

Enjoy the street food sold in abundance on Bangla Road at various hygienic food establishments. Choose an outdoor restaurant and enjoy all the activities to ensure you stay busy and entertained during your meal.

Treat yourself to the joy of watching various street performers occupy Bangla Road. They are sure to impress you and make your visit more interesting.

Sugar club Phuket: Sugar Club is the only international hip-hop club in Phuket. The new club lives up to its motto “We Own Hip Hop” as it has the best artists performing at the club every day.

It includes performances from the biggest international artists and the best local talents to bring the best party atmosphere to the people. This place also offers a VIP option.

Head to Toe: This spa, wellness and beauty center is mainly located on Bangla Road. The famous product of the store is its organic spa products, which are available at wholesale and retail prices. You can make an appointment with them in advance as per your convenience.

The store also offers free pick-up and drop-off in Patong Beach. For a better experience with your partner, you can choose a couples room to relax and enjoy soothing wellness treatments.

Danze Fantasy Theatre: This venue is home to the best international shows in Phuket. If the venue is hosting an event during your vacation, check your travel dates to be part of the most exciting party experience. This is a must-see for anyone who loves different types of shows.

Gossip Night Club: Located in the heart of Bangla Road, this is a hip-hop nightclub with talented resident DJs. Chat with a fluent English and French speaking manager at all times. Courteous staff and energetic music will ensure you have a good time during your vacation.


Events and street performances at Bangla Road


1. Shopping: The stores open at 9pm and the market on this street is open until 3am-4am. You can get all sorts of interesting things here at very reasonable prices. From accessories to clothes, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget to bargain, no matter what the price is.

2. Street Food: Many hygienic food stalls line Bangla Road. Enjoy the best food at these stalls that offer seating for guests. Enjoy outdoor food while exploring the lively Bangla Road area. Dishes like curries, grilled meats, noodles and other local dishes are perfect to please any food lover.

3. Bars and discos: Enjoy cheap drinks at Bangla Road’s famous discos and bars. Live music and other quality food at these places are perfect for your party madness. Check out the best bars for an amazing and safe experience before visiting the bars in Bangla Road.

4. Dive into the Bangla Road vibe: Not everyone is looking for the party mode during the vacations. So, for those who have a unique taste on the way to Bangladesh, they can explore this most visited place to experience it. As the road is close to Patong beach, you can enjoy the famous Thai cuisine in one of the restaurants here and walk along the beach under the moonlight.

How to get there?


Bangla Road is close to Patong beach. After 6pm, the road is closed to traffic, so you have to walk on the street, which is an adventure in itself. You can choose different modes of transportation such as cab or public transportation to get to Bangla Road.

If you have an accommodation near Bangla Road, you can walk here. In another case, you can choose motorcycle cab, tuk tuk, tandem, cab, etc.

Best time to visit:

For a vacation in the spectacular location of Phuket, plan your trip in mid-November and April. During these months, the weather is favorable for exploring different parts of the Bengal Highway. In addition, you can take part and participate in lively celebrations such as New Year’s Eve.

Apart from these tourist seasons, another optional season is the monsoon season, which is not the right time to plan a vacation here. Frequent showers could interrupt a wider exploration of the Bengal route.

Basic Information:

Location: Bangla Road, near Patong Beach. To find the perfect address for your Google Maps, go to Thanon Bangla, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket (83150), Thailand

Schedule: You can visit from noon to midnight on this route. The discotheque and the bar are open from 4am to 5am.

Discotheque – Bangla Road


Illusion club & Disco: For the ultimate disco experience, this is one of the best discos offering an authentic experience of Phuket’s exciting nightlife. Live music and band performances by the venue’s talented and famous artists stimulate the excitement of the crowd and take the party atmosphere to another level.

Famous international heavyweight DJs such as Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero are regulars here. Check their website for upcoming events at this nightclub during your Phuket vacation.

White Room: A space for 600 people, the elegant white design of this nightclub and its superior sound system are one of the charms of this nightclub. Friendly waitresses will help you have a drink, whether it’s a local Thai beer or a bottle of Cristal champagne.

Tiger disco: This lavish disco offers its customers an unforgettable experience with music from international DJs mixing Arabic, hip-hop and Hindi music. This club is a true 24/7 hangout and also a safe place to celebrate any occasion while traveling.


Bangla Road Night Market


Bangla Road is an all-in-one tourist attraction that has something for everyone. For shopaholics, this place has several markets selling clothes, souvenirs and decorations. You can avoid the idea of burning your pockets while shopping because everything is cheap.

Unlike other markets in Thailand, Bangla Road market is open until 3am-4am. Even if you find a good deal, don’t forget to bargain. If you buy in bulk, you can also take advantage of interesting offers.


Where to eat in Bangla Road?


Check out our list of the best places to eat on Bangla Road, from lavish to reasonable restaurants.

K&K Restaurant: This restaurant mainly serves seafood, Chinese, Asian and Thai dishes. The delicious food here will not make you regret visiting this place. The prices of the a la carte dishes are quite reasonable.

Eurasian Restaurant: Located in the heart of the busy Bangla Street, this restaurant is popular with tourists for its food, service and value for money. You can find the highest quality food in their food, which is amazing for the price that fits everyone.

Climax Restaurant: This beautiful place is located on the fifth floor of Absolute Bangla Suites. It is the only rooftop poolside restaurant in Patong with a great view of Phuket nightlife and breathtaking cuisine. You can also visit this place during their happy hour and enjoy your favorite drink to not burn a hole in your pocket.

Burger King: Yes, you read that right. This huge burger chain is also located on the famous Bangla Road. So, if you are craving for some kind of fast food, visit this place, which is mainly located on this road.



5 Travel Tips for Visiting Bangla Road


If you are visiting Bangla Road, the following tips will help you have a safe vacation in Phuket.

1. Buy your own drinks, do not leave them unattended.

2. Don’t take too much money with you. Pay as you go and don’t wait until the end of the night to call in the bill to avoid surprises with large bills.

3. Avoid getting into fights with drunken, belligerent people, as things can end up going very wrong.

4. Avoid tuk-tuk drivers who are known to be too expensive.

5. Patong Tourist Police are always ready to ensure the safety of tourists. Save their 1155 number on your phone in case you need it.

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