Our Cleaning Process

Our cleaners follow a strict, logical and efficient cleaning process. Finding the time to keep your house in order can be challenging when you have a busy family life, a long workweek, and other commitments. Phuket cleaning will make coming home a breeze, no matter how busy life can get.
Our goal is to make your home a peaceful, serene and safe place for you to kick back and relax. Cleaning services tailored to your cleaning needs and required frequency will be rendered by our professional house cleaning services. Your health will be in good hands when you use our room-by-room cleaning service.

The Benefits of Keeping a Clean House

The time you save by hiring a cleaning service can be put to better use in other areas of your life. After a long day at work, you’ll enjoy coming home to a clean, tidy, and fresh-smelling home. House cleaning has other benefits, too.

Cleaning Process

Enhance the quality of your life and your overall health

You are subconsciously reminded of tasks you need to accomplish when you live in an untidy environment. Stress levels can rise significantly when clutter builds up, which increases the risk of illness. When you live with a clean surrounding, you’re more likely to relax and rest, which reduces stress. Once you walk through the front door of your clean home, you know your day is over. An effective cleaning will not only make your family and home more comfortable, but it will also lessen the spread of germs.

Enhance the quality of the air

Pet dander and dust are airborne allergens that can be significantly reduced by maintaining good indoor hygiene. Area rugs, drapes, upholstered furniture, and carpets are common places to find allergens. In cluttered areas, dust particles can be trapped and held, triggering allergic reactions as well.

Poor air quality symptoms

You and your family might be affected by the air inside your home without even realizing it. Bad air quality might be indicated by the following symptoms:
•   Dust accumulation
•   Symptoms of asthma
•   Reactions linked to allergies
•   Sickness
Indoor air quality can be compromised by furniture and carpets that trap dust and allergens.

Home Cleaning – Cleaning process for different Areas

Your unpredictable schedule is met by our flexible house cleaning services. It is advisable to schedule regular visits from our trained team members for a consistently clean environment, but if you have company coming over, are hosting a holiday celebration, or just need occasional house cleaning assistance, we are happy to offer one-time services. Our cleaning process is standardized to ensure that all customers who require frequent cleaning visits receive the best possible cleaning. The “Special Attention” procedure is used in two rooms during each cleaning visit, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or even once a month. The “Every Time” procedure is used in the remaining rooms. As part of our upcoming scheduled cleaning, we will leverage “Special Attention” processes in two new rooms and our “Every Time” processes in the rest. Using this comprehensive method, we clean rooms one by one. This is our basic house cleaning checklist that we follow for “Every Time” and “Special Attention” procedures each time.
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Cleaning Process : Living Rooms & Bedrooms

Every surface in your home is dusted, whether it’s furniture, picture frames, light fixtures, or window sills. Following that, we vacuum thoroughly. Additionally, making the bed and vacuuming the closet are included in our bedroom service.
Every Time Processes
•   Intensive dusting
•   Make sure everything is picked up and straightened
•   Sweeping/wiping
•   Keep Glasses and Mirrors Clean
•   Make sure your upholstery and floors are spotless
Special Attention Processes
Our cleaning process is rather different from dry dusting. We clean furniture, fans, light fixtures, ducts, door frames, baseboards, and blinds with a damp cloth instead of dry dusting. Drapes and valances are also vacuumed at the top.

Cleaning Process : Bathrooms

To get rid of cobwebs and dirt, we start by dusting your bathroom. We then scrub sinks, faucets, vanity mirrors, doorknobs, and countertops. Our other processes include sanitizing toilets and cleaning bathtubs and shower walls.
Every Time Processes
•   Intensive dusting
•   Make sure everything is picked up and straightened
•   Clean the toilets, bathtub, and shower by soaking and scrubbing
•   Remove dust/wipe
•   Ensure that the glass and mirrors are clean
•   Fixtures and sinks need to be scrubbed
•   Upholstery as well as floor cleaning
Special Attention Processes
Along with our “Every Time” processes, we also clean and wipe light fixtures, ducts, doors, switchboards, hook boards, toilet paper dispenser, and cabinet doors, along with areas outside the shower area.

Cleaning Process : Kitchen and Laundry Room

There are a few similarities between the cleaning processes we use for kitchens and laundry rooms. Because your kitchen is the center of your home, we take special care when providing cleaning services there. Each appliance and countertop is wiped clean first. After that, we will also clean the stove’s drip pans coupled with the grates, as well as the microwave- both inside and out.
In order to remove dust and dirt from laundry rooms, we wipe every surface, countertop, and shelf. In addition to vacuuming and mopping the floor, we ensure that it is free of debris.
Every Time Processes
•   Intensive dusting
•   Remove all items from the floor and straighten up things
•   Keep furniture, surfaces, and doorknobs clean by dusting/wiping
•   Make sure all major appliances are clean
•   Wipe and Clean Glass and Mirrors to make them spotless
•   Rinse, scrub, and dry the sink
•   Make sure the upholstery as well as floor are clean

Special Attention Processes
As part of our maintenance service, our maintenance crews wash and dry wipe fans, ducts, light fixtures, doors and frames, switchboards, tables and chairs, kitchen counters, backsplashes, drapes, and others. Besides vacuuming chairs and drapes, we clean the tops of valances too.

Specialty House Cleaning Services

It is sometimes necessary to hire unique cleaning assistance on life’s most special occasions. We offer specialty house cleaning services for a number of occasions, including moving, hosting a birthday bash, or hosting the family for a holiday meal. Our services include:

Wall Washing

Walls are often marked and smudged by children or even pets. With a thorough cleaning, we can minimize imperfections on the walls of your house following an in-home evaluation. The equipment and experience we have will allow us to remove even the toughest residue, dirt, grime, or buildup.

Cleaning and Organizing Shelves

To keep your home clean and efficient, our specialization lies in interior cabinet cleaning and organization. Cleaning your cabinets’ exteriors will be the final step after they have been properly organized and cleaned.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Food particles and liquid spills settle into small cracks and crevices in your refrigerator over time. We thoroughly clean refrigerators to prevent bacterial growth and mold growth.

Oven Cleaning

The grease and food baked on your oven can be removed regardless of how dirty it is. We remove the racks from the oven and clean them individually, clean and rinse the interior, and wash the front door of the oven.

Window Cleaning

Smudges, fust, and grime can collect on your windows, bringing dingy light into your room. To clean your windows systematically and bring back your gorgeous view, our team thoroughly cleans them from top to bottom.

Home Maintenance Tips

We can revitalize your home by providing you with quality house cleaning services. If you want your space to be pristine after each visit from a Phuket cleaning service, follow these tips:
Ensure that your dining table is set up so that no items such as keys, books, mail,  etc. are stored on the surface.
Avoid tracking dirt throughout your house by using mats or rugs in areas where you move around a lot.
Your home should have a designated space for each item. Make use of tools such as cabinets, hook boards, as well as storage baskets to help you keep your home organized.
Instead of storing cleaning supplies in a centrally located area, spread them around the house to pursue mini cleaning projects.
Choose one room each day and clean it for a few minutes. You could clean your vanity mirrors or sweep the kitchen tiles.
Whether you want your house cleaned or you need it rearranged, Phuket cleaning understands how to do that. Using time-tested methods, we ensure every detail of your home is thoroughly taken care of, exceeding your expectations on each visit. We offer residential house cleaning services that can make your life easy.

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