The 5 most beautiful beaches to visit in Phuket

The 5 most beautiful beaches to visit in Phuket

 Located in the south of the country and bordering the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Nearly 900 kilometers from Bangkok, Phuket attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. There are so many breathtaking beaches on the island that these tourists sometimes have a hard time choosing. Between deserted tourist beaches, energized by the locals or with the paces of postcard, you will have only the embarrassment of the choice. Travel to Thailand and visit the most beautiful beaches of Phuket!

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In short, here is a presentation of the 5 amazing beaches in Phuket to visit

Rawai Beach – Phuket

Rawai Beach is not conducive to swimming, but it has other great features. Perfect for lunch and dinner at the seaside stalls and the starting point for speedboat and longtail boat trips to all the surrounding islands. It’s great to walk around, watch the fishermen, listen to the wind blowing through the filaos. Also worth seeing is the once picturesque village of Chaoles, just north of the beach. The Moken women offer a small daily market of vegetables and fish. Vous pouvez également trouver des boutiques de souvenirs et d’excellents restaurants ici. La partie la plus calme de Rawai Beach se trouve au sud. Visitors settle down in the afternoon for lunch or drinks and especially to enjoy the soothing panoramic views.

Nai Harn Beach – Phuket

Nai Harn is undoubtedly the most popular beach in the south and a favorite among tourists. In high season, if you like the smell of sunscreen and tourists in flip-flops, you will be pleased. It is a particularly beautiful beach despite a grandiose hotel complex, The Nai Harn (formerly Meridian). Fortunately, jet skiing is prohibited. The particularity of Nai Harn Beach is its artificial lake and its islands where you can walk or picnic. Les baigneurs devraient s’abstenir certains jours d’avril à octobre, les courants peuvent être très dangereux et les vagues sont réservées aux surfeurs confirmés. Younger children will enjoy swimming in the calm waters of the lake mouth.

Yanu Beach – Phuket

In 2004, Yanu Beach was devastated by the tsunami and it was difficult to return without pain. Ya Nui is not as crowded as its older sister Nai Harn, but during the months of December and January, finding towels there can become complicated unless you go early in the morning. Mini bar, deckchairs, small dining room, warm and relaxing atmosphere. Its fishy waters are a delight for snorkelers. The more active can rent a sea kayak or a paddle surf and venture along the cliffs to the foot of Promthep Point or Nai Harn Beach. D’autres se contenteront de rejoindre l’île d’en face, Koh Man, à quelques centaines de mètres seulement, et tenteront de pénétrer sa végétation luxuriante. La plage de Ya Nui est certainement la plus belle plage du sud de Phuket, et la vue sur les éoliennes le prouve. La plage de Ya Nui est située entre Nai Harn et le cap Promthep. There is very comfortable accommodation at a good price and close to the beach.

Kata Noi Beach – Phuket

Kata Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. The view on the road leading to it from Rawai is fantastic (the road is very dangerous when you arrive in Kata and the slightest mistake in braking will cause damage). The beach is spacious enough not to be too crowded even in high season. Off season, beginner surfers can still get their hands on the waves. South of Kata Noi beach, snorkel near the rocks. Il y a (trop) d’hébergements et une côte tordue, mais les familles adorent ça. The shops clustered in the small streets parallel to the beach offer absolutely everything: cabs, travel agencies, ATMs, exchanges, 7/11, family mart, massage parlors, tailors and restaurants are all just 20 meters from the hotel.

Karon Beach, Phuket

Karon is a beautiful beach of 3 km long, the longest beach in the southern half of Phuket. We prefer its northern part (closer to the water) to be quieter and wilder. Karon Beach is less crowded than its neighbor Kata Yai, and its village and beaches are the third most popular resort on the island, after Patong and Kata. Many restaurants are located at the edge of the lake on the beach. Its restaurants are very pleasant and offer a famous and very cheap cuisine. At the northern end of the beach, facing the rock, is the Daeng restaurant, where you can taste great Thai specialties. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. You can also rent your recliner there for 100 baht. Accommodation is easy to find in Karon, not far from the beach. Be careful, in low season, the waves can be strong and the current strong. When leaving the beach, be aware of the frequent police controls at the Karon traffic circle and wear a helmet.

Renting a boat in Thailand is the best way to explore the country and its islands. What are you waiting for to take a cruise in Phuket and sunbathe on its most beautiful beaches?

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